The next iteration of Apple’s operating system was released to developers this week.  Apple has dropped the “Mac” name from this release and simply refers to it as OS X Mountain Lion.  This is OS X 10.8 to those keeping track.  Overall, this release seems to be integrating even more features from Apple’s popular mobile platform, iOS 5.

For example, Reminders and Notes are being introduced to OS X Mountain Lion and will be kept in sync via iCloud, just like your iOS 5 devices today.  Apple is also replicating Notification Center and Game Center in its new OS.  To top it off, it appears that Messages and AirPlay will also be making an appearance.  Messages will provide a link to other iOS device users and will allow you access to your AIM, Yahoo and GChat accounts — all from one window.  And AirPlay will allow any content displayed on your Mac to be broadcast on devices such as the Apple TV2, all without wires.  This feature will be a welcome addition whether you are making a presentation or kicking back on the couch watching a movie.


Currently Apple has not released information on how much an upgrade to Mountain Lion will cost and it is targeting Summer of 2012 for release.


There are some great detailed reviews, follow the links for more information:



What do you think of the features being introduced?


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