Have you ever felt your iPhone vibrate but had to dig it out of your pocket to see whether it was vibrating due to a phone call, a text or an email?  Did you know that you can change the pattern of your iPhone’s vibrate function?

From your home screen:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Sounds
  • Select the type of event (i.e. Ringtone, Text Tone, New Voicemail, etc.)
  • Select Vibrate
  • Now choose the pattern that you like the best for that event

In order to sample the vibrate tones as you select each one, ensure your phone is in vibrate mode.

You can pick from several standard patterns, you can create your own or you can choose to not have the device vibrate.  By selecting very different vibrate pattens, you can now better identify what kind of event is being received by your iPhone.  Please note, this only applies to the iPhone and not the iPad at the time this article was written.

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