Spotify Music Service

“A new way to listen to music”
Free; $4.99 or $9.99 per month



Spotify is a music service that breaks the constraints previously placed on us by services like iTunes and Pandora.  It allows a user to build a personal collection of music that can be stored on your computer for free or can be expanded to your mobile devices (for $9.99 per month) without having to pay for each individual song or album.  In this regard, it operates in a similar fashion to iTunes expect that you don’t pay per song or album.  Instead, you simply select a song and add it to a playlist or subscribe to one of the many playlists that have already been created and shared by other Spotify users.  For users that want to continually experience new music, Spotify has a radio function that allows you to build stations around the music you like, and similar to Pandora, you are the presented with new music for your review and listening pleasure.  A benefit over Pandora, you can always request a specific song or playlist to play immediately.


I personally have been a Spotify Premium subscriber since August 2011 and really enjoy it.  Spotify has replaced both iTunes and Pandora and is even starting to replace my XM Radio subscription in my car.  Having full and immediate access to a library of millions of songs and albums is simply more convenient than paying by the track or album…especially if you download a song that you end up not liking or requested by mistake.  Spotify recently added an “Apps” feature so that developers and music groups can continue adding and expanding an already great service.

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