Xlink Bluetooth Gateway

Your home and cellular communications hub
$75 – $120 per unit; Buy on AMAZON


The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway is a device that merges your home or office phone with your mobile phone.  Using bluetooth technology, the device connects with up to three mobile phones and allows you to use them to receive and place calls from your home or office phone. No more having to hold your mobile phone to your ear for long periods of time.  With the Xlink you can now use the comfortable telephone handset from your home or office line, or better yet, you can use a headset.


I have been using an Xlink for over two years now in my office with a Blackberry Bold and an iPhone 4S and it is very convenient.  When I enter my office, my mobile phone automatically connects to the Xlink using Bluetooth and all calls are then routed to my office phone which includes a very nice headset, speakerphone and a wireless handset .  It even forwards caller ID information as well to my office phone.  I simply pick up my office phone when I hear it ring.  When placing a call, I have the option to use my office line or my mobile phone.  And if this were in a home setting, up to three mobile phones can be connected so it can accommodate multiple members of a family or is great if you are required to carry more than one mobile phone.  This also allows your mobile phone to stay connected to a charger while in use.

The device simply plugs into your current home or office telephone.  If you have a two line phone, it can occupy the second line.  If you have a one line phone, it will connect to your phone directly and the Xlink BTTN model includes an incoming port where you can connect your existing home or office line.  If you have other VOIP products, such as Vonage, those can be connected to that incoming port as well and work very nicely.  During a call if you wish to transfer the call back to your mobile, that is easily accomplished so you can continue the call on the go.



  • Simple setup and usability.
  • Leverages bluetooth which is widely deployed in mobile phones.
  • Can be updated as new features are released or the software is updated.
  • Bluetooth connectivity can be toggled on or off by the push of a button.



  • The software update process is cumbersome, but not frequently needed and is not required.
  • From time to time, key presses from my office phone do not get sent when having to work my way through an automated menu system.  In those cases I have to press the digits/numbers on the mobile phone instead.


I get a lot of use from my Xlink and I look forward to the upcoming release of a Skype plugin that adds Skype capability to the current Xlink hardware.  This will allow you access to Skype without have to sit in front of your computer for the conversation…any phone connected to Xlink will be a Skype extension.

Do I recommend: YES!


Where to buy, get more information and read additional reviews: AMAZON


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