iOS certainly contains a lot of great features but that also means that to get to some of these features, it requires quite a few menus and clicks.  With the so/so battery life of the iPhone, I like to disable features such as Wifi and Bluetooth when I know that I won’t need them for extended periods of time.  For those of you that want a quick way to do this, try adding a shortcut to your home screen.  In iOS 5, Safari gives you the ability to save a shortcut directly to your home screen.  This feature can be used for iOS settings as well.  I have been been doing this for my Bluetooth and Wifi settings for several weeks now.


Checkout this website for details on how to do this.  For me, I used the “old method” which is towards the bottom of the screen and does not require introducing a new profile to your phone.


Any other creative ideas around shortcuts?


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