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iOS certainly contains a lot of great features but that also means that to get to some of these features, it requires quite a few menus and clicks.  With the so/so battery life of the iPhone, I like to disable features such as Wifi and Bluetooth when I know that I won’t need them for extended periods of time.  For those of you that want a quick way to do this, try adding a shortcut to your home screen.  In iOS 5, Safari gives you the ability to save a shortcut directly to your home screen.  This feature can be used for iOS settings as well.  I have been been doing this for my Bluetooth and Wifi settings for several weeks now.


Checkout this website for details on how to do this.  For me, I used the “old method” which is towards the bottom of the screen and does not require introducing a new profile to your phone.


Any other creative ideas around shortcuts?


Xlink Bluetooth Gateway

Your home and cellular communications hub
$75 – $120 per unit; Buy on AMAZON


The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway is a device that merges your home or office phone with your mobile phone.  Using bluetooth technology, the device connects with up to three mobile phones and allows you to use them to receive and place calls from your home or office phone. No more having to hold your mobile phone to your ear for long periods of time.  With the Xlink you can now use the comfortable telephone handset from your home or office line, or better yet, you can use a headset.


I have been using an Xlink for over two years now in my office with a Blackberry Bold and an iPhone 4S and it is very convenient.  When I enter my office, my mobile phone automatically connects to the Xlink using Bluetooth and all calls are then routed to my office phone which includes a very nice headset, speakerphone and a wireless handset .  It even forwards caller ID information as well to my office phone.  I simply pick up my office phone when I hear it ring.  When placing a call, I have the option to use my office line or my mobile phone.  And if this were in a home setting, up to three mobile phones can be connected so it can accommodate multiple members of a family or is great if you are required to carry more than one mobile phone.  This also allows your mobile phone to stay connected to a charger while in use.

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